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Daily Essentials Pack: Tur Daal + Himalayan Red Rice + Green Moong Daal (Whole)

Daily Essentials Pack: Tur Daal + Himalayan Red Rice + Green Moong Daal (Whole)

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Your everyday nutrition should be organic!

The Daily Essentials Pack gives you all you need for everyday use!

Included in this pack:

Tur Daal (1 kg) 
Farm Stories Organic Tur Daal or Arhar Daal is an unpolished, organically grown legume. 
One of the most popularly used legumes in the Indian kitchen, it is an important source of protein in a vegetarian diet. 

Himalayan Red Rice (1 kg)
Farm Stories'  Himalayan Red Rice is a short-grain aromatic rice. 
Containing more natural bran as compared to white rice, it requires a longer time to cook and the texture is firm and chewy with a nutty and earthy flavour and aroma.  

Green Moong Daal (1 kg)
Farm Stories' Green Moong Daal (whole) or Green Gram Daal is a staple protein-rich lentil. It is one of the richest sources of protein for a plant-based diet. 

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Customer Reviews

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Purity Unmatched

The purity is amazing...I have been taking it for about 8-10 months. Believe it or not, I am feeling happy. Such purity will not be found anywhere in the market.

Gitika Sharma
Good combo

Very good quality