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Monofloral Honey Combo: Neem, Tulsi & Jamun (500g)

Monofloral Honey Combo: Neem, Tulsi & Jamun (500g)

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Ethically sourced from the valley of Uttarakhand, Farm Stories' Honey is 100% Natural and pure! 
Honey Combo of 3 monofloral varieties is all you need! 

Tulsi Honey (500g)

Honey from nectar collected from Tulsi Flowers 

Jamun Honey (500g)
Honey filled with nectar of Jamun Flowers. 

Neem Honey (500g)
Honey filled with nectar collected from the flowers of the ayurvedic Neem Tree.


What is Natural Honey?
Honey that is ethically extracted from beehives that has NOT been heated or pasteurized during production. It contains absolutely no additional elements like sugar, stabilizers. 

Does crystallized Honey mean it is expired?
Not at all. Crystallization of honey is not an indication of the honey getting spoilt. If anything, it tells you the Honey is real, natural honey. 
Crystallization only means that the natural sugars (fructose and glucose) bind together which tends to happend when the surrounding temperature drops. 
You can simply keep it out in the sun or near the stove for it to melt into liquid gold again! 

Does Tulsi Honey, Jamun Honey  and Neem Honey contain artificial flavours? 
Not at all. All 4 varieties of honey are 100% pure and natural.  It is extracted from beehives filled with nectar from flowers of the tulsi plant, Jamun flowers and Neem tree flowers respectively. 

What is Monofloral and Polyfloral/Multifloral Honey? 
Monofloral honey is a type of honey that is made predominantly from the nectar of a single plant species.
In contrast, polyfloral honey, also known as wildflower honey, is made from the nectar of many different types of flowers.
The main difference between multifloral (or polyfloral) honey and monofloral honey is the source of nectar used to produce them.



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