Mr. Amit K Saran at the Farm Stories Organic Farm      Mr. Amit K. Saran, Farmer & Founder.

Who are we?

Every farm has its own story!
Soil and land develops character from continuous interface with climate,weather and with different inputs. Like ours, each farm is unique, with its own soul and characteristics.
At Farm Stories, our land is just not made of soil but an ally with which we as farmers adapt to work with.
Just like our farm, all Farmers have stories too. Ours is one such story –Not too long back, from a family of lawyers, one decided to become a farmer!
This first-generation farmer adopted the practices of Vedic Farming to cultivate a 15-acre piece of farmland in Gorantla, Andhra Pradesh.

What is Vedic Farming? 

Vedic Farming is an age-old tradition of growing organic/natural produce which is essentially about self-sufficiency.
A parcel of land and livestock to grow the basic necessities of livelihood – food.
Farm Stories believes and applies sustainable and simple methods of cultivation along with practicing Agnihotra Mantra.
Not only does this way of farming and lifestyle assist in decreasing nitrate leaching into water and reduce soil depletion but helps in its rejuvenation.
Making it the best way to give back to Mother Nature!