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Jamun Honey (sourced from Jamun Flowers)

Jamun Honey (sourced from Jamun Flowers)

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Farm Stories brings to your Kitchen Jamun Honey!

Ethically sourced from the beehives of Uttarakhand, Farm Stories' Jamun Honey is 
filled with nectar from the Jamun Flowers! 

Filled with antioxidants and a containing a low glycemic index, Farm Stories' Jamun Honey is known to help control diabetes, increasing hemoglobin levels and soothing skin ailments amongst other numerous health benefits!



What is Natural Honey?
Honey that is ethically extracted from beehives that has NOT been heated or pasteurized during production. It contains absolutely no additional elements like sugar, stabilizers. 

Does crystallized Honey mean it is expired?
Not at all. Crystallization of honey is not an indication of the honey getting spoilt. If anything, it tells you the Honey is real, natural honey. 
Crystallization only means that the natural sugars (fructose and glucose) bind together which tends to happend when the surrounding temperature drops. 
You can simply keep it out in the sun or near the stove for it to melt into liquid gold again! 

Does Jamun Honey contain artificial flavours? 
Not at all. Farm Stories Jamun Honey is 100% pure and natural. It is a variety of honey extracted from beehives filled with nectar from Jamun flowers. 


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Customer Reviews

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Vidhya Jaikishan
Excellent quality

It has a deep, dark color, which hints at its richness and natural goodness. The aroma is enticing, carrying a subtle floral note that adds to the overall appeal.