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A2 Ghee - Pure Desi Traditional Bilona Ghee

A2 Ghee - Pure Desi Traditional Bilona Ghee

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At Farm Stories, A2 Ghee is made by the traditional method of slow churning (Bilona) of fresh curd made from of A2 Milk from Malnad Gidda cows of Karnataka that feed on organic fodder. 

Farm Stories A2 Ghee has a rich and nutty flavor, and a desirable granular texture. 

Why is A2 Ghee good for you?
1. It has a high smoke point, which makes it a versatile cooking medium without the risk of unwated fumes from refined and processed oils. 
2. It is paleo and keto diet friendly. Load up on those healthy fats. 
3. Our cows are free range and organic fed, keeping them healthy and happy and giving you the best that nature has to offer. 

Benefits: It is an excellent traditional home remedy for skin ailments.

Farm Stories A2 Ghee is free from preservatives and additives, making it natural, healthy and delicious! 

Store in a dry cool place away from direct sunlight. 



How is A2 Ghee different from regular Ghee? 
A2 Ghee and regular Ghee differ in the type of milk used to make them. A2 Ghee is made from the milk of cows that only produce the A2 beta-casein protein which has plenty health benefits, while regular Ghee can be made from the milk of any type of cow, including cows that produce the A1 beta-casein protein which can be difficult to disgest. 

Does A2 Ghee need to be refrigerated?
Ghee can be stored at room temperature though kept away from direct sunlight and direct heat while storing. 

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